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Our healthcare services are based on well-researched applications of traditional health sciences judiciously integrated with modern sciences. We aim to give our patients safe, effective and affordable treatments




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  • What Chewing Tobacco can do to your Teeth?

    You do not smoke it. You do not swallow it. All you do is slosh it around your mouth and spit out the brown juices every few seconds. OK, so it actually is pretty disgusting. But so what? After all, it’s…

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  • Keep your Kids Healthy with Herbs

    If you are a parent and looking for an authentic place to buy medicinal plants for your garden and that will take care of your child’s health too, then plan your visit to I-AIM’s Herbal Garden and…

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  • Break Free from UTI Naturally

    Break Free from UTI Naturally

    Are you troubled with recurring urinary tract infections (UTI) and fed up of popping those antibiotic pills to treat your UTIs? Try Holistic Ayurveda treatment at I-AIM to ensure complete cure and prevent…

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  • Drive away the Painful Piles

    Drive away the Painful Piles

    In Ayurveda, hemorrhoids are called as Arsha Shoola, which literally means ‘pain from pricking like needles’. This is indeed how the pain from the hemorrhoids is felt! It is caused due to vitiation…

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  • My Tummy Hurts, Mummy!

    My Tummy Hurts, Mummy!

    Is your little one complaining of a tummy ache? Stomachaches are common for kids. Luckily, they are not usually caused by anything serious. They can be painful, though, so it is good to have soothing strategies…Read more

  • Fight Fever with Herbs

    Fight Fever with Herbs

    Once you or your child has contracted an illness, there are a lot of natural options that can shorten the duration of the illness and lessen the symptoms, as some of the most readily prescribed options…Read more