Be Healthy, Be Happy…

You need to put much more efforts to keep your Health under control. It’s high time!!  Give importance towards your health.   To check the proper functioning of some of the vital systems of the body, you are advised to go for wellness/ Master Health check regularly.

Follow 7 steps in your morning routine:

  • Wake up before or during sun rise.
  • Attend your nature calls regularly and do not suppress your natural urges.
  • Maintain oral hygiene by proper brushing, gum massage and tongue scraping regularly.
  • Mouth rinse and mouth gargle with medicated oils (sesame oil) or decoction (triphala). Maintain ear hygiene by proper cleaning.
  • Shower: temperature of bathing water and room temperature should not to be too extreme. Prefer bathing before breakfast.
  • Practice meditation at least for 10-15 minutes.
  • Consume breakfast that is warm, nourishing and wholesome.

 Following recommendation for meals:

  • Have food at proper time and place with peace of mind.
  • Prefer 2 cereals (like rice, wheat, jowar, ragi, broken wheat, barely) in different forms (like wheat roti + cooked rice or ragi roti with rice or rice roti with broken wheat upma, etc).
  • Have liquids like milk, buttermilk, soup and rasam in every meal.
  • Consume 2 glasses of milk in a day and add fruits and vegetables to your diet. (ref. Pathya apathya chart below).
  • Quantity of cooking oil and ghee utilization should not exceed ½ kg/person/month, and use variety of oils in each meal.
  • Strictly avoid junk/ bakery products and aerated drinks.


Following are general instructions to be followed for daily routine:

  • Apply 30-30-30 formula in your work station. i.e. after every 30 minutes of continuous work, take a break and move out of your chair to walk around 30 steps. See any of the natural colour in and around and blink your eyes for 30 times. Go back to your work after that.
  • Do not carry your office work to home and family issues to your office.
  • Try to be stress free, spend sufficient time with your family and friends.
  • Sleep for at least 7-8 hours (know your Prakruti for appropriate duration of sleep).
  • Add Yoga to your exercise program (for 20 minutes at least) and do exercise twice a day.
  • You may need few periodic shodhana (bio-purificatory measures based on your condition and season).

Apathya (To be avoided)

Smoking, excess intake of alcohol, sleep during day, sedentary lifestyles, and suppression of natural urges like micturition, bowel movements should be avoided.


Pathyaapathya: (Do’s & Don’ts) chart

Items Pathya (Beneficial) Apathya (Avoid/limited use )
Cereals old rice, Barley, Wheat, Indian millet New cereals
Pulses Mudga – Green gram

Toor dal-Pigeon pea, etc.

New pulses
Vegetables and leaves All vegetables and all greens Except potato, yam, brinjal, sweet potato
Fruits Indicated seasonal fruits  
Milk and milk products buttermilk from cow’s and buffalo’s milk, Ghee, Butter Curd, paneer, cheese


Yoga for Health

By learning simple Yoga practises, and using them on a daily basis can relieve chronic ailments, back pain, tension and anxiety. They will strengthen and stabilize the spine and create ease in emotions – ultimately improving overall health and wellbeing.


Asana/ Pranayama Asana/ Pranayama
General Yoga Asana  
Pranayamas Meditation / Dhyana dharana


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