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Diagnostic packages:

“Prevention is better than cure” – Concept of Preventive health is highly applicable when it comes to health checkups. You don’t know what is happening inside your body before the disease is fully established. These health checks will make you to realize how fit your internal systems are. If any of the
pathological events are initiated, then it can be detected by these advanced tests. I-AIM Diagnostic packages are the set of clinical investigations with Physicians consultation that are very essential to identify diseases in their earliest incipient stage. By knowing the outcome of the reports, our Physicians will advices appropriate medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes and Panchakarma treatments as required. This will minimize the chances of occurrence of the diseases, decrease the gravity of the diseases and prevents complications. Many people think that they are too young to get screened.
However for adults, age is not the criteria to stay away from these preventive checks.

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