• My Tummy Hurts, Mummy!

    My Tummy Hurts, Mummy!

    Is your little one complaining of a tummy ache? Stomachaches are common for kids. Luckily, they are not usually caused by anything serious. They can be painful, though, so it is good to have soothing strategies on hand. Try out some self-help home remedies… Stomach ache Symptoms and Causes: Flatulence, heaviness, pricking pain in the

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  • Fight Fever with Herbs

    Fight Fever with Herbs

    Once you or your child has contracted an illness, there are a lot of natural options that can shorten the duration of the illness and lessen the symptoms, as some of the most readily prescribed options can have serious side effects. Fortunately, it is possible to protect against some cases of illness with natural remedies

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