I-AIM Healthcare Centre is NABH Accredited for Ayurveda

Contact Information


For operations related queries

Designation Name eMail
Manager – Operations Ms. Bhagya Mohan bhagya.mohan@iaimhealthcare.org

For Admission-related & IP Related Queries

Designation Name eMail
Customer Relations Officer Ms. Divya P divya.p@iaimhealthcare.org

For Insurance Related Queries

Designation Name eMail
Accounts Officer Mr. Venkatesh K Raju venkatesh.raju@iaimhealthcare.org

For queries related to Human Resources Department

Designation Name eMail
HR Officer Ms. Soumya M soumya.m@iaimhealthcare.org

For intent to give endowment to the Hospital

Designation Name eMail
Director (Endowments) Mr. Rejimon R r.reji@iaimhealthcare.org

For queries related to I-AIM’s Specialized Clinical Services

Department Name Contact Person eMail
Wellness, Metabolic Disorders Dr. Prasanna Kulkarni dr.prasanna@iaimhealthcare.org
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Flavia Shankar flavia.shankar@iaimhealthcare.org
Dental Dr. Pavithra Kishore dr.pavithrakishore@iaimhealthcare.org
Oncology Support Dr. Prasan Shankar prasan.shankar@iaimhealthcare.org
Dermatology Dr. Sahana K ksahana@iaimhealthcare.org
Neuromusculoskeletal Dr. Vivekanand V R dr.vivekanand@iaimhealthcare.org
Geriatrics Dr. Prashanth R drprashanthr@iaimhealthcare.org
Pediatrics Dr. Manjunath NP dr.manjunathnp2007@iaimhealthcare.org
Respiratory/Pulmonogy, Gastroenterology Dr. Shreelatha S shree_subrahmanya@iaimhealthcare.org
Nephrology, Surgery Dr. Neelambika GB neelambika@iaimhealthcare.org
Ophthalmology, ENT Dr. Shobha C M dr.shobha@iaimhealthcare.org
Yoga Dr. Aayyush Rajalinga dr.aayyushrajalinga@iaimhealthcare.org

For queries related to I-AIM Website

Designation Name eMail
Software Programmer Mr. Vinay R vinay@iaimhealthcare.org