I-AIM Healthcare Centre is NABH Accredited for Ayurveda

Dr. Gadgil

Profile of Dr. Dilip Gadgil

1. Name:Dr.Dilip Gadgil
Age: 63
Professional qualification: B.A.M.S. M.D.(Ayu) Ph.D

2. Clinical experience of managing conditions: Nephrology, Oncology, Infertility, Skin Diseases
Consulted more than 25000 patients.
2.1 Highlights of clinical competence in conditions:
a. Reversed many nephropathy patients
b. Improved quality of life and prolongation in advanced cases of cancer
c. Avoidance of recurrence in cancer patients and cardiac patients

3. Clinical Positions held
a. 29 years of clinical experience
b. Ex. Professor at Samhita Siddhant Department, Ayurveda College, Wagholi..

4. Peer reviewed publications/books:
a. Lakshana Kosha (Volume of signs and symptoms with Diseases/Health consisting of 3200
pages approx. in three volumes. (Released on 2nd Feb. 2002 at the auspicious hands of
Hon. Murlimanohar Joshi, the HRD Minister.)
b. Hetu-Kosha – Volumes of the Causes of Health & Diseases of 3200 pages approx. in
three volumes. (Released on 20th March 2004 at the auspicious hands of Vaidya
Shriramji Sharma, President CCIM.)
c. Ayuta-Nidana – An Ayurvedic Diagnostic Software, based on Lakshana-Kosha & Hetu-
Kosha. (Released on 18th April 2005 at the auspicious hands of Hon. Arjunsinghji, the
HRD Minister & Hon. Shivarajji Patil, Union Home Minister.)
d. Aushadha-Kosha – Volumes of the Treatments of Health / Diseases of 8000 pages in 7
volumes. (Released on 1st August 2008 at the auspicious hands of Hon. Vilasraoji
Deshmukh, the Chief Minister, Maharashtra State.)
e. Ayuta-Upachara – An Ayurvedic Treatment Software based on Aushadha-Kosha is also
readily available.
f. Prarambhika Paniniyama & Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi ( books on Sanskrit grammar.)
g. Ayurveda Samaj Gairsamaja(Beliefs & Misbelieves about Ayurveda)
h. Ayurvediya Hitopadesha
i. Software Release AYUTA Nidan, a diagnostic Software & Ayuta Upachara, Ayurvedic
Treatment Software, as a Principal investigator of Triskandha Kosha project.

5. Awards:
a. The late Vaidya Shivnath Sharma award for Laxshankosha delivered at the auspicious hands
of Shri Bhairavsingh Shekhawat, Vice President of India and in the presence of Dr.
Muralimanohar Joshi and Smt. Sushma Swaraj.
b. Vaidya M.V. Kolhatakar Research Award by Khadiwale Vaidya Sanshodhan Sanstha.
c. ‘Neela’ Paritoshik from Ravishri Nidhi.
d. ‘Outstanding Young Person’ award from Pune Jaycees.