I-AIM Healthcare Centre is NABH Accredited for Ayurveda

Dr. Prashanth R

Profile of Dr. Prashanth R

1. Name -Dr Prashanth R
2. Age-45 yrs,
3. Professional qualification- MD (Trivandrum- Basic Principles)

4. Experience in giving relief to symptoms like -MND,PD and PD syndromes; Demyelinating

diseses – Transverse Myelitis, MS, Neuropathies, Vascular Conditions -Phlebitis, Arteritis
Vasulitis Vericose veins ;Some Rare conditions treated(SSPE,ILD ,ITP ,HS Perpura, Myotonia dystrophica, One Case of Baker’s Dystrophy treating since 15 yrs and Pt still alive and leading independent life which is very very unusual for the pts of Muascular distpphies);
Case of Atonic bladder Syndrome ( Detrusor Undractivity- diagonised at Bangalore Kidney Hospital )

5. Clinical competence in – Geriatric cases.

6. Has reversed Tuberculoma of Brain; Cirrhosis of Liver, RA,TAO with Gangrene, ;

7. Cured many type of conditions like -Convulsive disorder, Stroke both Ischemia and Haemorrhagic (includes 4-5 Thalamic bleed Patients);Auto immune conditions (Psoriasis, GB syndrome, IBS and IBD,

8. Clinical Positions held –
a. Prof and HOD Dept of Siddhanta and Samhita(10 yrs);
b. Deputy Medical Superintendent -4 yrs;
c. Medical Superintendent – 1 1/2 yrs;
d. Registrar -since 7 yrs