I-AIM Healthcare Centre is NABH Accredited for Ayurveda

Dr. Sahana K

Profile of Dr. Sahana K

1. Name,-Dr Sahana K
Age- 31
Professional qualification– B.A.M.S, CRAV

2. Clinical experience-
Has total 8 years of experience in Ayurveda
Mainly in treating Dermatological disorders, and effectively managing different dermatological dissorders and cosmetic problems like- Acne, Psoriasis,Lichen planus,Herpis,Atopic Dermatitis,Seborrhic dermatitis,Leprosy,
Urticaria,Eczema,warts,Vitiligo, Diffuse Hairfall,Alopecia, Dandruff, Tinea infections, Pigmentation dissorders, Abcess, Fungal infections,Aallergic conditions and other skin infections

3. Clinical Positions-
Medical officer