I-AIM Healthcare Centre is NABH Accredited for Ayurveda

Dr. Sreeja

Profile of Dr. Sreeja

1. Name: Dr. Sreeja. S
Age: 32
Professional qualification: B.A.M.S, M.D(Ay)

2. Clinical experience of 8 years as Panchakarma Specialist in managing conditions like Musculoskeletal (including Arthritis spectrum), and various skin ailments.

2.1 Highlights of clinical competence in conditions:
a. Well versed in the administration of various Panchakarma treatments and
specialised traditional Ayurveda treatments.
b. Reduction of pain and increased quality of life in various arthritic, cervical and
lumbar cases.

3. Clinical Positions / Awards / Research / Teaching positions held
a. Clinical Positions:
i. Worked in Central Institute of Panchakarma, Trivandrum, for 3 years, as
Panchakarma Doctor.
ii. Worked as Ayurvedic Physician at Hindustan Pharmacy, Trivandrum for 2
iii. Worked as Ayurvedic Consultant and Panchakarma Specialist at
Yogakshema Arogyadhama, Bangalore. (A Holistic Ayurveda and Wellness
iv. At Present working as Medical Officer in Panchakarma Department,
at I- AIM Healthcare.

b. Awards
i. University rank holder in final year B.A.M.S Exam.
ii. University topper in first year M.D Exam
c. Research
i. Executed research work in Role of Baladi Yapana vasti in the management
of lumbar spondylosis

4. Published article in the following health magazines.

  • Aapta 2010 Edition – “Complications and management of Nirooha”
  • Aapta 2012 Edition – Role of Baladi Yapana Vasti in the management of lumbar spondylosis