Keep your Kids Healthy with Herbs

If you are a parent and looking for an authentic place to buy medicinal plants for your garden and that will take care of your child’s health too, then plan your visit to I-AIM’s Herbal Garden and Nursery, situated at Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

Natural remedies can be a parent’s best friend when it comes to treating children’s ailments and minor upsets. In fact, herbs can be particularly safe and effective for children because herbs tend to be so much gentler than pharmaceutical alternatives.

It is a well-known fact that children’s bodies are particularly sensitive and respond quickly to the healing properties of medicinal herbs. So if the parents are armed with some basic knowledge of mild, easy-to-use herbs, they need not rush to the doctor every now and then for their child’s common health problems.  Also, herbs do not upset the delicate ecological balance of children’s small bodies as does much of modern medicine, but rather work in harmony with the young child’s system.

Medicinal herbs can be used for ailments such as colds, flus, colic and teething, as well as common childhood illnesses, such as measles and chicken pox. They can also be used to calm irritability or to encourage sleep.

I-AIM’s Herbal Garden and Nursery is the unique green pharmacy at I-AIM Healthcare Center premises, wherein one can purchase medicinal plants to grow in their home gardens. There is a special Child Health package for your little ones.

Child Health Package from I-AIM Nursery

IAIM Nursery’s “Home Garden Child Health” package contains medicinal plants that are used for treating common primary health conditions among children between the age group of 2 and 10 years. These plants are helpful to treat common cold, cough, fever, loss of appetite, dull memory, dysentery, skin rashes etc. Some of these herbs can be helpful to alleviate symptoms and speed recovery from stuffy noses, sore throats, coughs, and tummy aches.

A list of few medicinal plants from the Child Heath package is given below. One can also select the herbs as per their own needs and discretion.

Species Vernacular Names Medicinal Use Parts used
Bacopa monnieri Water hyssop (English), Brahmi (Hindi), Neeru brahmi (Kannada), Brahmi(Malayalam), Brahmi (Marathi), Saumyalata, Brahmi (Sanskrit), Neer brammi (Tamil) Insanity, disorders of mind, dysuria, fever, brain tonic, weakness Leaves, Whole plant
Ocimum sanctum Holy basil (English), Tulsi (Hindi), Krishna tulsi (Kannada), Tulsi (Malayalam), Tulas (Marathi), Tulasi (Sanskrit), Thulasi (Tamil) Cough- cold, dysuria, skin disorders, fever, and deficient digestion. Leaves, Flower, roots
Cyperus rotundus Coco grass (English), Bara-nagar-motha (Hindi), Tunge hullu (Kannada), Karimuttan (Malayalam), Nagarmotha (Marathi), Abda (Sanskrit), Kora (Tamil) Skin disorders (itching etc.), epilepsy, tastelessness, deficient digestion, worm infestation, cough, bronchitis, fever, weakness, and dysuria. Tuber
Piper longum Long pepper (English), Pipali, Pipaamula (Hindi), Hippali, Thippali balli (Kannada), Tippali (Malayalam), Pippali (Marathi), Pippali (Sanskrit), Tippili (Tamil) Cough cold, anemia, tastelessness, indigestion, liver spleen disorders, skin disorders, weakness, weakness of mind. Fruits, roots
Oxalis corniculata Aambat chukka (Marathi) Headache, tastelessness, deficient digestion, fever, piles, diarrhea. Whole stem
Coleus aromaticus Patharchur (Hindi), Doddapatre (Kannada), Panikkurukka (Malayalam), Pan Ova (Marathi), Pashanabhedi (Sanskrit), Karpuravalli (Tamil) Cold and fever in children Leaves


It is wonderful to be able to use natural remedies to help an ailing child feel better. You can put a little nurturing love and care into making and using herbal remedies with kids and when they feel that love, it helps them feel better!


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