I-AIM Healthcare Centre is NABH Accredited for Ayurveda

Wellness Services - Swasthavritha

Wellness check-up: Wellness Score

Health is a dynamic process. It is continuously changing due to diet, age, lifestyle, seasons, stress, and so on. It is possible to generate a “Wellness score”. The objective of the check-up at I-AIM is to assess through a questionnaire supported by clinical examination by a physician, the health status of an individual. The check-up takes about 45-60 minutes. It evaluates parameters that indicate the quality of following 6 functions viz., physiological, tissue formation, metabolism, excretion, sensory & mental. Consultation also involves taking history pertaining to present medications, family history of illness, evaluations of risk factors and assessment of objective indicators like blood pressure, height & weight etc. An individual can be assigned a base-line wellness score. This score can help the individual and physician to decide on customized wellness interventions and subsequently monitor progress. Please click here to register for a wellness check-up at I-AIM. Please click here to register for a wellness check-up at I-AIM.

Individualized Nutritional advice

Diet and lifestyle advice is not uniform for every person. It needs to be individualized according to the unique constitution, age, health status, profession, and agro-climate of place of residence. Please click here to register for individualized nutritional advice check-up at I-AIM. 

Annual wellness packages

It is advisable for all health conscious individuals in the age group 18 – 70, to undergo 1-3 weeks of detoxification, once in a year in order to tone up the body’s physiology. I-AIM offers customized annual wellness package for health maintenance. Please click here to register for a wellness check-up and annual wellness packages at I-AIM.

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