Wellness is Wealth!

Wellness is more than the absence of disease. It is as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Living a wellness lifestyle is a proactive and preventive way to achieve optimal health.

Ayurveda prescribes seasonal health maintenance interventions which are intended to expel the toxins out of the body that are responsible for many diseases.

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Welcome to the Health Maintenance and Wellness Zone

Over the years, I-AIM has earned a reputation of a unique healthcare centre having a holistic approach that is derived from evidence-based traditional medical wisdom of India. I-AIM is not merely a hospital that treats and cures specific health conditions, but it helps how to keep healthy without medicines.

Just as the cheapest of cars/motorcycles or even a bicycle requires regular maintenance, so does the human body. I-AIM’s health maintenance packages are not a luxury for the rich; they are a necessity for all individuals, even for adult children.

We at I-AIM Healthcare will help you to radically improve your health by regular and seasonal maintenance interventions specific to you and your body. Come and discover the methods for a lifetime of wellness and physiological and mental balance!

What is Swasthya Samrakshana Chikitsa or Health Maintenance Treatments?

As mentioned above, these are set of interventions intended to expel the toxins out of the body which are responsible for many diseases. Undergoing this will give opportunity to your body to get rid of unwanted waste products that are accumulated in various channels, spaces and tissues.

Why should I undergo?

We get exposed to toxins during our day-to-day routine activities. These toxins enter our body through air, water, food, etc. They are also formed inside our body as by-products of certain metabolic changes. If they are not expelled out of the body, in due course of time they will initiate the formation of diseases. Hence periodic body purification (Bio-purifications) has been described in Ayurvedic classics to keep ourselves healthy.

What are these treatments? And how for how many days should they be undertaken?

A. Virechana (Purgation therapy)

  • 3 days of Snehapana (internal oleation or oil administration), 2 days of Abhyanga (massage) and Swedana (steam treatment) followed by Virechana on the 6th day: total of 6 days.
  • 5 days of Snehapana, 2 days of Abhyanga and Swedana followed by Virechana on 8th day: total of 8 days.
  • 7 days of Abhyanga and Swedana followed by Virechana on 8th day: total of 8 days.

B. Vamana (Emesis therapy)

  • 3 days of Snehapana, 2 days of Abhyanga and Swedana followed by Vamana on 6th day: total of 6 days
  • 5 days of Snehapana, 2 days of Abhyanga and Swedana followed by Vamana on 8th day: total of 8 days

C. Basti (Enema therapy)

  • 8 days of medicated oil and decoction enema treatment (Yoga Basti)- total of 8 days

D. Nasya (Errhine therapy)

  • Instillation of medicated nasal drops for 7 Days

What benefits am I going to get?

By undergoing these procedures in general, following benefits are achieved:

  • Elimination of morbid toxins from the body
  • Enhanced digestion and better absorption
  • Minimizes the occurrence of diseases and their severity
  • Restoration of health

How often I can undergo?

Depending on your health conditions (based on your Wellness Score) and exposure to risk factors, our physicians will advise these seasonal Bio-purificatory treatments.


Following are the general guidelines to undergo Panchakarma treatments as described in classical texts:

Sl. No Therapy Period
1 Vamana April and May (Vasanth ritu)
2 Virechana October and November (Sharad ritu)
3 Basti August and September  (Varsha ritu)
4 Nasya All seasons except rainy and cloudy days


However, depending on other clinical factors, our physician will decide selection of treatments and duration.

Discover a state of positive health and well-being without spending on medicines, at I-AIM!


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