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Pediatric Neurology & Autism Center

Conditions Treated

Neurological diseases  in children, like

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Celebral Palsy
  • Global developmental delay
  • Duchen’s muscular dystrophy
  • Down’s syndrome

Limitations of other Medical Systems

Neuro degenerative conditions are very common and have poor therapeutic outcome due to zero / poor regeneration capacity of brain / brain cells in spite of marked advancement in diagnostic facilities and a broad arena of therapeutics. With existing Healthcare Systems, treatment or its outcome is not appreciable after diagnosis. With no / limited treatment approach to Pediatric Neurological Conditions, most of the times, this group of pediatric population has to depend on therapies (Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Behavioural therapy, ABA etc.), or Stem Cell Therapy only, which thrive to prove efficacy unless there is a support from progressive brain development (Braincell regeneration, brain plasticity, synaptic formations).

Advantage of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, an established medical system, has proved & contributed its marked ability in treating Neurological conditions with best & effective treatment outcomes. At I-AIM Healthcare Center, an established & dedicated Pediatric Neuro & Autism facility is catering its best protocol-based unique treatment approach (connecting Enteric Nervous System / Gut brain to Central Nervous Brain & Peripheral Nervous System) with best treatment outcomes.

The awareness on pediatric neurological diseases  is increasing with rising challenges of treatment. People are trying to seek treatment & therapy interventions.  Currently, integrative treatment interventions for pediatric Neurology has better hope with Ayurveda , physiotherapy & yoga,  which is very much focused at IAIM Pediatric Unit .This unique combination of tretment & therapy  interventions undoubtedly provide marked changes in childrens quality of life & influence  great on symptoms , thus assuring  a ray of hope for children & parents.

Our Doctors

Dr. Manjunath NP

Dr. Manjunath N.P, MD (Pediatrics) – Senior Pediatrician, with 20 years of clinical expertise, is succesfully treating Autism & Pediatric Neuro conditions with a special integrative treatment . His early intervention treatment approach has helped most of Autism Spectrum Disorder children to enter in to the main stream of life. Every child under the treatment of Dr. Manjunath has benefited & moved to positive life with great face of recovery. Many have moved from Special school & therapy centers to normal schooling .

Success Story

A male child aged 6yrs from Maharastra – a prediagnosed case of ADHD/ Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD).

He was unable to differentiate between the alphabets, and he could write only one letter – “A”. There was no eye to eye contact, had repetitive behavior, was unable to communicate, had no much orientation and no social interaction (he was completely reluctant for attending social gatherings, never interested in playing, and was completely isolated wondering in his own world).

The highlights of Autism Spectrum disorders are difficulty in social interaction, communication & speech. Children will show restricted, repetitive and stereotyped behavior with speech problems occurring before the age of 3 years.

He went to a special school where more of interactive methods are adopted with Psychic approach (some special techniques). He was not attentive in school activities. His mother had to quit her job for the sake of childs problem to support his life.

He was treated by Dr.Manjunath N.P., MD(Ped-Ayu), senior Pediatrician at IAIM (with herbal medications & therapies) respective to his ASD symptoms initially for 4 months. At the end of 30 days treatment , he started writing the Alphabets from A to Z, even started writing numbers from 1 to 20. His communication skills, coordination and speech improved and he could clearly differentiate the objects.

He has taken regular treatments for around 2 years now, and he is socially active and enjoys social gatherings, and shows interest in playing. His performance at school has improved. He attends summer camps ( 15 days) independently.

Patient Testimonials

A Grateful Mother

“My daughter has Cerebral Palsy, Auditory Neuropathy and mild Autistic Tendencies. After the treatement of I-AIM’s senior pediatrician Dr Manjunath, she has started walking with support and no longer just crawls. She has become very independent inside home and has started communicating about her needs. As a mother, I would recommend Ayurveda, which has zero side effects, for kids!”

A Grateful Mother of 12-yo girl from Andhra Pradesh

“My daughter was diagnosed with Delayed Development. Earlier we had approached many doctors and tried several therapies but results were not satisfactory. There was no clarity in her speech, and was not very active in socialising, and slow in her school activities.

Once we started her treatment with Dr Manjunath, within a month, we have observed quite a few changes in her, her speech and concentration levels have improved, and has started to socialise well. Her thinking power and memory have also improved. She has become more responsible in her activities.”