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Appreciation from Visionaries

“I think those of us who have an open mind realize that if there could be a fusion of Ayurveda & Western Medicine, we could improve treatments and early detection of some diseases.”

Ratan Tata

Chairman, Tata Group

“There is an urgent need for the convergence of traditional and modern medicine to augment health, especially in a country like India where we have a wealth of traditional knowledge that needs to be leveraged and synergised with modern medicine. I-AIM Healthcare Centre is certainly a front runner in this emerging space of holistic healthcare.”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

CEO, Biocon

“People don’t find traditions exciting, sexy, urban. They want satellites, computers. I believe that traditional knowledge is more contemporary than we realize, it is our heritage. It is about India.”

Sam Pitroda

Chancellor, TDU

“A unique place doing something to bring about a change in making us reflect and respect our medical heritage. Wonderful effort!”

Sri M

Founder, The Satsang Foundation

“A first rate healthcare facility for healing based on India’s great medical heritage.”

Azim Premji

Chairman, Wipro

“It was my pleasure to visit I-AIM. It is one of the few research oriented and multi-specialty health centers offering Ayurveda and Yoga with modern diagnostics.”

Shri. Vajubhai Vala

Honourable Governor of Karnataka

“I-AIM is a clean and very efficient facility. The doctors and nurses are knowledgeable and respectful to patients. I am confident that IAIM will grow and become a great institution.”

Shweta Rawat

Chairperson, The Hans Foundation

“A world class establishment implementing authentic Ayurveda interventions for enhancing health and management of disease with support of clinical research.”

His Excellency Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Alqasimi

“The facility is one of its kind in India and my visit was very insightful. The detailed study being done and the meticulous way in which the data is stored and used is very impressive.”

Soumitra Bhattacharya

Managing Director, Bosch

“I-AIM Healthcare Center is a well-timed initiative which presents traditional wisdom with a contemporary approach, just the kind of offering that the world is seeking from Ayurveda.”

Philipe Haydon

CEO, The Himalaya Drug Company

“The quality and authenticity of Ayurveda services in I-AIM is as good as the best in Kerala – excellent!”

Lalu Alex

Noted Malayalam Cine Actor