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Dr. Prasan Shankar

Medical Director
Experience: 10+ Years
Qualification: MD, BAMS


MON to FRI, 9AM to 5PM
SAT, 10AM to 4PM

Area of Expertise

  • Management of Neurological and Neuro-degenerative, Musculoskeletal (including Arthritis spectrum disorders)
  • Improved quality of life in various cases of Strokes & Parkinson’s disease
  • Management of various Geriatric related conditions above the age of 50 including insomnia, constipation, skin conditions, respiratory problems etc.
  • Complementary management of cancer patients
  • Management of various forms of arthritis, Low back pain, knee pain and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Supportive cardiology care


Dr. Prasan Shankar has more than 10 yrs. of clinical experience, and is currently the Medical Director at I-AIM, working with the Jaratantra [Geriatric unit] at the hospital. He has an M.D in Panchakarma and interested in integrative research in Neurology, cancer and cardiology.

He has successfully treated patients suffering from strokes and parkinsonism with integrative treatment protocols aimed at improving quality of life. Various geriatric related problems such as degenerative arthritis, respiratory problems, digestive problems have been managed with good outcomes. He has treated various types of cancer aimed at complementary and supportive care with diet, lifestyle, yoga and panchakarma [detox and rejuvenation] therapies.

He has been part of clinical research projects associated with stroke management and parkinsonism management. He is a co-investigator for clinical studies associated with Parkinsonism and Cancer Care.

Previous Experience

  • Dr. Prasan has had the opportunity to train at the Parkinsons and Aging Foundation under various movement disorder specialists. He has also trained at HCG  Cancer Center.


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