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Nursery and Garden


The unique green pharmacy at I-AIM Healthcare Center premises


Growing a green pharmacy at your home is not as hard as you think,  all what you need:

  • is small garden space,
  • or pots of suitable size and shape,  
  • and a green thumb.

You can harvest your own fresh ingredients for healing bath waters, infusions, decoctions and soothing balms.  There is nothing more natural and fulfilling to add to your household’s health. So, what are you waiting for?

If you turn to growing plants in your own garden or in pots, it would mean having a first-aid box of natural home remedies and cutting down on the need of running to a chemist store or doctor for many ailments, for prevention and for feeling well.

Situated in the hospital premises of I-AIM Healthcare Centre at Yelahanka, Bengaluru, is I-AIM’s Herbal Garden and Nursery, which has distinctively earned its reputation of being a one stop, trusted destination for herbal gardening enthusiasts not only for the city folk, but also for people from nearby villages. 

From the ubiquitous Tulsi, or Aloe vera to the memory enhancing herbs such as Brahmi and Jatamansi to the kitchen herbs such as mint and curry leaves to the natural insulin herb Madhunashini for diabetes control to the rare medicinal plants such as Saraca asoca and edible rudraksha, plants possess the power to contribute to your well-being.  

Your Medicine Cabinet in your Garden

At I-AIM nursery, plant species for your Home/Institution Garden have been carefully selected considering their medicinal value, safety and efficacy, ornamental value, ease of growing and maintenance.  

In the context of primary health care, our objective is to encourage more homes, schools, students, corporate houses and other institutions to adopt and grow medicinal plants and establish herbal gardens in their home/institution premises. In the process, young people will learn about the names, uses, and cultural and economic value of medicinal and aromatic plants, and how to manage these resources and the biodiversity they represent.

I-AIM Nursery’s Home/ Institution Garden Packages

Suitable medicinal plant packages can be chosen to meet the requirement of individual houses/ public and private institutions/organisations /parks which are available at affordable prices. A special User’s Guide is also provided with the package, free of cost, which has information about the identification, maintenance and use of plants for various ailments.


 Sl. No. Botanical Name Kannada Habit Layout options Where to grow Part used Uses
1.               Tinospora cordifolia Amrithaballi Climber Clambering Pot/Fence. Requires support Stem/Leaves Fever, Acidity, Diabetes. Liver tonic, General immunity,
2.               Punica granatum Daalimbe Tree Standalone/hedge Pot/Garden fruits/ Rind Diarrhea, Acidity, Worms, Eye problem. Antioxidant
3.               Centella asiatica Ondelaga Herb Beds Pot/semi aquatic shady locations Leaves Fever, Scanty urination. Memory enhancer, Hair care
4.               Bacopa monnieri Neeru brahmi Herb Beds Shallow enlarged pot, semi aquatic shady locations Aerial parts Memory enhancer, Hair care
5.               Phyllanthus emblica  Nelli kai Tree Stand alone Garden Fruits General immunity, Hair care
6.               Withania somnifera Ashvagandha Herb Clumps Pot/Dry areas Roots/Leaves General immunity, Blood purifier
7.               Moringa oleifera Nugge Tree Stand alone Garden Leaves/Fruits/Bark Stomach ache, Intestinal worms, Fungal infection
8.               Piper betle Veelyadele Climber Clambering Pot/shady locations Fruiting spike Cold, Throat pain. Improve digestion
9.               Adhatoda zeylanica Adusoge Shrub Standalone/Hedge Pot/hedges Leaves Fever, Cold, Respiratory problem
10.           Aloe vera Lolesara Herb Clumps Pot/Rockery Leaves Skin care, Hair care


11.           Andrographis paniculata Nelabevu Herb Standalone/Hedge Pot/Semi-shaded areas Leaves /aerial Parts Fever, skin problems
12.           Basella alba Basale soppu Climber Clambering Pot/Garden. Support required Leaves /aerial Parts Mouth ulcer, Constipation, Cuts and wounds. Flatulence
13.           Ruta graveolens Naagadaali Herb Stand alone/ Hedge Pot Leaves Cold, Cough, Indigestion, Stomach ache
14.           Sauropus androgynus Chakramuni Shrub Hedge/Stand alone Pot/Garden Leaves General immunity
15.           Stevia rebaudiana Sihi tulasi Herb Beds Pot/Garden Leaves Sugar free sweetener
16.           Gymnema sylvestre Madhunashini Climber Clambering Pot, along fence & on other supports Leaves Diabetes
17.           Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Dasavala Shrub Hedge/Stand alone Pot, Garden Leaves/Flowers Menstrual disorders, scanty urination. Hair care
18.           Lawsonia  inermis Goranti Shrub Fence/Hedge/ Stand alone Pot/Garden Leaves Fungal infection, Menstrual disorders. Burning feet
19.           Murraya koenigii Karibevu Tree Stand alone Pot/Garden Leaves Digestion, Liver tonic
20.           Ocimum tenuiflorum Tulasi Herb Stand alone/Hedges/ Clumps Pot/ in group, single Leaves Cold, Fever
21.           Piper longum Hippali Creeper Clumps Pot/shady locations Fruiting spike Cough, Hoarse throat, Indigestion
22.           Spilanthes calva Madhumallini Herb Beds Pot/Garden Flowering spike Dysentery, Body pain
23.           Holarrhena pubescens Giri mallige Tree Stand alone Garden Bark Dysentery, Bleeding disorders
24.           Bauhinia tomentosa Basavana  Paada Tree Stand alone Garden Leaves Fever
25.           Coleus aromaticus Doddapatre Herb Clumps Pot, dry areas in garden Leaves Cough, Allergy
26.           Cymbopogan citratus Nimbe hullu Herb Clumps/Hedges Pot, open place in moist area Leaves Reduces body heat
27.           Cynodon dactylon Garike Herb Lawn Pot, lawns Aerial parts Cuts and wounds, Vomiting, In digestion 
28.           Eclipta prostrata Bhrungaraja Herb Beds Pot, moist/ Semi aquatic Leaves Hair care, Skin care
29.           Vetiveria zizanioides Laavancha Herb Clumps/Hedges Pot/Garden Leaves Reduces body heat, Indigestion
30.           Asparagus racemosus Shatavari/Halavu makkala taai beeru Climber Clambering Pot/Dry places. Requires support Tubers Acidity, Scanty breast milk. General immunity

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