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Wellness Checkup

Health is a dynamic process. It is continuously changing due to diet, age, lifestyle, seasons, stress, and so on. It is possible to generate a “Wellness score”. The objective of the check-up at I-AIM is to assess through a questionnaire supported by clinical examination by a physician, the health status of an individual. The check-up takes about 45-60 minutes. It evaluates parameters that indicate the quality of following 6 functions viz., physiological, tissue formation, metabolism, excretion, sensory & mental. Consultation also involves taking history pertaining to present medications, family history of illness, evaluations of risk factors and assessment of objective indicators like blood pressure, height & weight etc. An individual can be assigned a base-line wellness score. This score can help the individual and physician to decide on customized wellness interventions and subsequently monitor progress. Please click here for preliminary self assessment of your wellness score. You can use the contact form below to book an appointment for knowing how to improve that score after.

Individualized Nutrition Advice

Diet and lifestyle advice is not uniform for every person. It needs to be individualized according to the unique constitution, age, health status, profession, and agro-climate of place of residence. Please use the contact form below for booking an appointment to get individualized nutrition advice.

Annual Wellness Packages

It is advisable for all health conscious individuals in the age group 18 – 70, to undergo 1-3 weeks of detoxification, once in a year in order to tone up the body’s physiology. I-AIM offers customized annual wellness package for health maintenance. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us regarding annual wellness packages or to book an appointment for a wellness checkup!

Our Doctors

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