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Ayurveda and AIDS – #WorldAIDSDay2022

Here are a few Ayurvedic remedies for treating HIV.

The first step is to provide a healthy atmosphere to the patient. The patient should be given easily digestible foods, which provide nourishment to the body. Regular and easy exercises should be undertaken by the patient, who should also participate in productive activities.

Several Ayurvedic tonics and rejuvenators or rasayanas are given to the patient in order to boost his immunity level. The overall system gets strengthened, and the appetite gets stimulated.

When the patient gains some strength, shodhana techniques are used for eliminating toxins from the body via purgation, emesis and enemas. Certain ghee-based medicines are also given to the patient. Proper medication purifies the blood. Measures for correction of liver issues should also be taken.

Your diet should consist of preparations made of ghee and soups. You should avoid oily, spicy and acidic food items. A little amount of alcohol may be taken as that aids the digestive process.

Regular exercise causes the blood to heat, which may weaken or eliminate the virus in some cases.

There are some herbo-mineral compounds, which are prepared using an Ayurverdic formula. These compounds have rasayana and vajikara effects and are considered to be effective for HIV patients.

There are several proprietary Ayurvedic medicines, which help in improving the condition of patients’ infected with HIV. These may include Chyawanprash, Raktavardhak and Sookshma Triphala. These keep the HIV infection at bay. Shatavari Kalpa,Guduchi and Kalmegh are other effective Ayurvedic medicines.

Chyawanprash is an effective Ayurvedic remedy which is used for the treatment of HIV. It is considered the best Ayurvedic tonic for rejuvenation from HIV. The Indian gooseberry or amlaki is the main ingredient of Chyawanprash, which is rich in Vitamin C. It also contains naturally-occurring antioxidants. Gooseberries are antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral in nature. Chyawanprash comprises of 35 Ayurvedic herbs, which enhances the effect of the main ingredient in treating HIV.

Ayurvedic remedies and methods for the treatment of HIV are harmless and totally safe. There are no side effects, and Ayurvedic remedies only improve the symptoms of HIV, and no deterioration is caused in the condition of the patient. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult our Ayurveda experts at I-AIM Healthcare. 

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