• What Chewing Tobacco can do to your Teeth?

    You do not smoke it. You do not swallow it. All you do is slosh it around your mouth and spit out the brown juices every few seconds. OK, so it actually is pretty disgusting. But so what? After all, it’s called smokeless or chewing tobacco. That means you chew and spit it, not smoke

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  • Keep your Kids Healthy with Herbs

    If you are a parent and looking for an authentic place to buy medicinal plants for your garden and that will take care of your child’s health too, then plan your visit to I-AIM’s Herbal Garden and Nursery, situated at Yelahanka, Bengaluru. Natural remedies can be a parent’s best friend when it comes to treating

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  • Break Free from UTI Naturally

    Break Free from UTI Naturally

    Are you troubled with recurring urinary tract infections (UTI) and fed up of popping those antibiotic pills to treat your UTIs? Try Holistic Ayurveda treatment at I-AIM to ensure complete cure and prevent the reoccurrence of UTI infections. Affecting millions all over the globe, this commonest painful infection is caused by the attack of Escherichia

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  • Drive away the Painful Piles

    Drive away the Painful Piles

    In Ayurveda, hemorrhoids are called as Arsha Shoola, which literally means ‘pain from pricking like needles’. This is indeed how the pain from the hemorrhoids is felt! It is caused due to vitiation of any of the three doshas. It is classified as a digestive disorder; accumulation of waste materials in the rectal area can

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  • Surgical Procedures in Ayurveda

    Surgical Procedures in Ayurveda

    Acharya Sushruta described 8 types of surgical procedures viz.; Chedana (excision), Bhedana (incision), Lekhana (scrapping), Aharana (extraction), Vedhana (puncturing), Eshana (probing), Sivana (stitching) and Parasurgical procedures (surgery without knife). Nasa Sandhana (Rhinoplasty): This is reconstructive surgery of nose first mentioned by Sushruta and established as a milestone in the field of plastic surgery. Karna Sandhana (Lobuloplasty): Reconstructive

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  • Plastic Surgery and Ayurveda

    Plastic Surgery and Ayurveda

    “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats Plastic surgery, the practice of reshaping body tissues for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes dates back to antiquity. Derived from the Greek ‘plastikos’, meaning “to mould,” plastic surgery holds a critical place in cultures all over the world. For centuries, tribes would disc their lips,

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  • Acharya Sushruta: Father of Surgery

    Acharya Sushruta: Father of Surgery

    When you think of surgery, you think of cutting edge technology, of gleaming antiseptic theatres and state of the art equipment. However, the fact is that surgery is a science that was practiced even thousands of years ago. Acharya Sushruta was the ancient Indian surgeon and author of the text ‘Sushruta Samhita’, in which he

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  • Be Healthy, Be Happy…

    Be Healthy, Be Happy…

    You need to put much more efforts to keep your Health under control. It’s high time!!  Give importance towards your health.   To check the proper functioning of some of the vital systems of the body, you are advised to go for wellness/ Master Health check regularly. Follow 7 steps in your morning routine: Wake up

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  • Winter Wellness

    Winter Wellness

    Get ready to refresh and replenish with Winter Detox at I-AIM Here are a few Panchakarma recommendations for you to protect, promote and rejuvenate during winter: For your Skin Turn the clock back using a natural approach and experience an inner and outer glow all winter long! We recommend: Abhyanga or the oil massage to improve blood circulation,

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  • Wellness is Health!

    Wellness is Health!

    Wellness is not for the rich and affluent. Just like vehicles need periodic maintenance and it does not matter if one owns a Maruti 800 or a Nano, Alto etc. or a Mercedes, BMW etc. Every vehicle needs regular maintenance. It does cost to do this maintenance, but all vehicle owners know that if one

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